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Question: Is my software compatible with Microsoft Windows 7?


Your software is compatible with the new Windows 7 platform.

However, if you are having trouble installing a TOPO! product on the new Windows 7 OS, please try one of the following workarounds, based on the type of product you have:

1. If you have a TOPO! State product, a Weekend Explorer product, or a Backroads Explorer product, please try uninstalling and downloading the version 4.5 full installer from:

Note: if prompted for a Serial Number, use FZSI-2002-AAAA

This installer does not require any previous version of TOPO!, and is our most current for Windows, including Windows 7. Once installed and running, you may need to activate the maps for your CD-ROMs from the 'View > TOPO! Product Setup' menu.

2. If you have an older Wildflower Productions TOPO! product, most of those CD-ROMs had a backup folder on them that allow manual installation of the software. The folder was usually called "Backup", or sometimes just "TOPO!", and was either located at the root level of the CD-ROM or within a folder called "Program Files".

To manually install, locate that backup folder and copy it from the CD-ROM to your hard drive (anywhere is fine). Then to run it, double-click the program called "topo.exe" in the folder that you've copied to your hard drive. If you still have compatibility issues running it, try right-clicking "topo.exe" and choosing "Properties..." and click the tab for "Compatibility" to run it in the "Windows 95" mode.

If your product is not listed above, or if the above solutions don't work, or if you are experiencing other problems with one of our TOPO! applications on Windows 7, please send an email with as much background information as possible to

The Development Team
National Geographic Maps
Products: TOPO! State, Weekend Explorer, National Parks Explorer, Trails Illustrated Explorer, Backroads Explorer 3D, Backroads Explorer, Regional/Wildflower TOPO!, Complete Trails Smart, GPS USA, XPort Pro, TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS, NG Maps: The Complete Collection, The Complete National Geographic: 112 Years of NG Magazine, Other Pro Product
Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or earlier

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